Familiar with the Bitcoin blockchain? Take a look at this Testnet transaction:


In the data section there is an MP3 file(in hex format), that can be extracted and played with the following command, using Bitcoin Core:

bitcoin-cli -testnet gettransaction dc7595d0fb13741b1aa175ed64b7de264321a0ed022763d3765ed10c5e9b7971 | jq -r '.hex' | xxd -r -p>/tmp/music.mp3 && aplay /tmp/music.mp3

If you know what I'm talking about, take a look!

var s2n, s3n, s4n;
s2n = 4;
s3n = 6
s4n = s2n + s3n

so s2n + s3n should be s4n. s4n should be 10

because 4+6=10. let's put this in a script. if the log says something about being done, the <script> tag worked.


document.getElementById("body4").innerHTML = "about " + "<code class='code'>" + Math.round(mps(104)) + "</code>";

Amount of elements in this array:

Multiply each array element by 2 Note: This only works when all elements are numbers.

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